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Live Music: Molly Agma's Why So Serious?

Aug 4, 2024 at 7:00 PM
416 W South St, Raleigh, NC
Event Summary

Meet the harlequin of the alternative rap game Molly Agma; an angry, rebel, feminist, clown rapper, here to unify the misfits and tear down the stereotypes. Performing and making her original music since 2020, her bold and attitude heavy lyrics bring a hype, empowering presence to her audience. She is a genre bending hype artist with a cute yet frightening persona, an image to remind us the duality in everyone. The clown queen's horror core vibe brings out the "weird"and "insane" parts of ourselves we have been taught to hide, and instead find empowerment and acceptance in them. 

NunAfterHours is a rising, American multifaceted entertainer, songwriter, and electronic dance music DJ based out of Raleigh, N.C., but is born and raised in the small town of Henderson, N.C. Nun’s musical style is an eccentric mix of hard rock, hip-hop, and pop. Her high-energy performances consist of exciting the audience, fearlessly being herself on stage, and comical dance moves. With her free-spoken dialogue and unreserved personality, Nun gives a memorable impression. 

Scotty the Foolie is a creative based in Raleigh NC, not only is she a music artist but also a dancer choreographer. As an overall entertainer, she’s an energy producer who knows how to engage and connect with the audience to keep them entertained. Her high energy, fun, bubbly personality and her choice of beats/song selections draws the crowds attention in and gives room for crowd participation whether it’s dancing, chanting, moshing or cheering and screaming. Scotty’s brand is all about raising your vibrations, being your unique self and being free through creative expression and movement!

Ari Quinn is an American professional Rapper, Singer, Song Writer, and Model out of Knoxville Tennessee, now residing in Raleigh NC. Known for her signature Blue and Purple hair, Blue is Ari & Purple is Quinn. Ari sings lovey dovey songs, and usually has the blues. Quinn is very passionate and aggressive. Shes not letting anyone touch the crown. Purple is royalty.

My name is "JoseKris" out of Durham, NC, but originally born in Va Beach. I don't like to box myself in and label myself as just a rapper. I'm 100% an "artist" in every aspect. I have my own unique sound, which puts me in my own lane and I Iike that. Im a hip hop artist, but I cross genres and get into my pop and R&B bag as well. I like to keep my creativity open and just make music that expresses myself. 

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Don Lotus is a boundary-pushing force in music, blending underground rap, alternative rock, and alternative R&B with seamless precision. Known for his intriguing melodies and eccentric performances Don Lotus not only captivates audiences as a performer but also shapes the industry as a skilled producer and sound engineer.

Maxine Eloi is a Multidisciplinary Artist who transmutes their experiences of love, chaos and wonder through a variety of artistic mediums. With influences from punk rock to neo- soul, Maxine brings together an eclectic and bombastic sound full of thoughtful and healing lyrics and melodies.

Paul has been called many different names by many different tongues across many apparently not so different realities... names like: “a Talentless Fraud” or “a Deluded Little Being with a Big Complex” but Paul has also been called “the Promethean Pilgrim of Pre-Post-Apocalyptic Rock and Roll Music” or at least that’s what Paul’s been called by me… and who am I? The real Betty White. That’s right, I’m still around (Tupac says hello btw) and I’m a huge Paul Petrol fan and I don’t care who knows it... So, feel free to tell all of your friends. Stay nasty 

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When & Where
Aug 4, 2024 at 7:00 PM EDT
416 W South St
416 West South Street
Raleigh, NC 27601
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