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Join us for the culmination of a year-long drag competition as each month's winner goes head-to-head!
Join Columbia Kings n' Things for the thrilling finale of the 2023 Starlight: Kings Academy school year! In this battle royale, each past month's winner will go head to head to vie for the crown. Marty McGuy, Don Javi, Onya Nerves, and Lolita Chanel will sit on the judges' panel and determine this year's Valedictorian. The challenge for these all-stars is "Gilded Glamor," and the competition will take place on Saturday, December 16 at The Hoot at 9pm. Tickets are $5 and will go toward the cash prize, and the audience is encouraged to buy tickets under their favorite performer's name in order to give that performer an advantage. The audience will also be invited to vote on superlatives for the graduating class, including "Teacher's Pet," "Class Clown," and more.

The contestants are:

Jaysin Waterfalls (April winner - "'Real' Men Wear Pink")
Collin MeDaddie (May winner - "Cringe")
Grant N. Wishes (June winner - "Design Your Pride")
Maxon Maskoff (July winner - "Cosplay")
Jack Swallow (September winner - "Night of 1000 Judges")
Will Charmer (October winner - "YouTube")
Ramses Starr Reigns (November winner - "Duets")
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